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Cyprus Spouse Visa

Cyprus Spouse Visa

Persons who are married with a Cypriot national can apply for a Cyprus spouse visa. This document grants several rights to its holder: 1) the right to permanent residency, 2) the right to work in Cyprus, 3) the right to acquire Cypriot citizenship.

Our Cyprus immigration lawyers can help foreigners apply for a suitable visa and obtain any other immigration documents that can be required after the relocation in this country.

What documents are necessary for the Cyprus marriage visa?

The law on immigration to Cyprus requires foreign nationals to apply for suitable visas. Exemptions from applying for a visa are available in the following cases: 1) for the nationals of the European Union (EU), 2) for short-term stays, in the case of visa waiver states.

Other than this, third party nationals must obtain a visa suitable for the purpose of stay. The Cyprus spouse visa is a document that can be issued to foreign nationals who are married with Cypriot nationals.

Please mind that there isn’t a specifically Cyprus marriage visa, but rather a visa application through which the foreigner receives a residence permit on the grounds on marriage with a local citizen.

For this, the foreigner must submit a set of documents, as regulated by the Cyprus immigration law. Our immigration lawyer in Cyprus has prepared a short list of the main documents to be submitted in this case:

  1. the visa application form, completed and signed by the applicant;
  2. a recent passport size photo, which respects the standard requirements for a passport photo;
  3. the applicant’s passport or a copy of the identity document;
  4. the flight reservation and the travel arrangements in Cyprus;
  5. the original marriage certificate (copy of the certificate, if the marriage took place in Cyprus or a legalized copy of the marriage certificate for marriages concluded in the EU);
  6. a copy of the identity documents of the Cypriot spouse.

What is the procedure to obtain permanent residency in Cyprus for spouses?

The Cyprus spouse visa grants the right to become a permanent resident and a citizen, if certain basic requirements imposed by the law are respected by the foreigner.

For foreigners who are married with Cypriot nationals, the following must be met in order to become permanent residents based on the marriage with a local citizen:

  • if the foreigner has children with an age below 18 years old, they will be included in the application;
  • pay an application fee of EUR 120;
  • those who have arrived here under a Cyprus spouse visa are entitled to work, by applying for a work residence permit – MCYE2 permit;
  • those who will obtain permanent residency are entitled to apply for citizenship after 3 years since the marriage was registered;
  • it is also necessary to have 2 years of residence in this country.

Please mind that if you are a student and you are married in your country of origin, different procedures will apply. Persons who arrive in this country for study enrollment can apply for a student visa.

A Cyprus student visa with spouse is not regulated under the immigration law. However, if you plan to arrive here under a Cyprus student visa with spouse, the latter can apply for a suitable visa prescribed for family reunification.

This means that 2 different visa applications procedures will have to be followed. It is recommended to verify the conditions imposed by the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

If you need legal assistance our Cyprus immigration lawyer can also help you; you can rely on our attorney if you need a Cyprus marriage visa, or any other type of visa (for employment, family reunification, etc.).

Please contact our team for additional advice on how to obtain the Cyprus marriage visa and the documents that must be included in the application file.