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Family Reunification Visa in Cyprus

Family Reunification Visa in Cyprus

Family reunification visa in Cyprus is regulated under the local legislation, this being one of the immigration pathways available for foreigners. However, there are some eligibility criteria that must be respected, which implies that not all foreigners who have relatives in Cyprus can apply for a visa.

This immigration pathway is open only for foreigners who arrive from third party countries, which are countries from outside the European Union (EA) or other countries with which Cyprus hasn’t established any particular immigration agreements.

For advice on the list of countries whose nationals have to apply for a visa, you can address to our Cyprus immigration lawyers.

What is family reunification in Cyprus?

The Cyprus immigration legislation defines family reunification programs as the legal procedures through which foreigners are allowed to arrive and stay in Cyprus with their close family member who is already living in this country.

The purpose of a Cyprus family visa is to preserve the unity of the family, separated due to various reasons (such as a family member relocating to Cyprus for employment opportunities).

Please mind that a family reunification visa in Cyprus is not open to all family members, it is limited solely to close family members, meaning those who are part of a “family unit”.

In other words, applicants have to comply with minimum requirements and to be qualified for this visa, but the person living in Cyprus must also meet some basic aspects.

According to the Civil Registry and Migration Department, a family unit can qualify for the Cyprus family visa if the following conditions are met:

  • the family member living in Cyprus (who will act as a sponsor for the visa applicant) has been living in this country for at least 2 years;
  • at the moment when the application for the family reunification visa in Cyprus is made, the sponsor is the holder of a residence permit that has a validity of minimum 1 year;
  • the applicant can relocate to Cyprus with the family’s children as long as the children have an age of maximum 18 years old and are not married at the moment of the application;
  • the applicant can be the spouse of the person living in Cyprus, as long as the marriage was concluded with minimum 1 year before the application;
  • the spouse is required to have an age of minimum 21 years old.

With regards to the persons who can qualify for the family reunification visa in Cyprus, the following apply: 1) the spouse of the sponsor (if they are legally married, as presented above), 2) the spouse and the minor children, including adopted children, 3) the minor children (and adopted children) who are in the custody of the person living in Cyprus and 4) the children (and adopted children) of the applicant.

What are the obligations after the family reunification visa in Cyprus is issued?

When a person will apply for the family reunification visa Cyprus, the local authorities will issue a residence permit that is granted based on family reunification. At first, the applicant will receive an entry permit.

This type of permit is granted based on the application submitted by the sponsor. In 7 days after the arrival in Cyprus, the persons who receive the entry permit as a family reunification visa Cyprus must register with the local authorities.

An obligation in this sense is to register with Civil Registry and Migration Department. The Department will then issue a residence permit requested on family reunification grounds.

Once the document is issued, it will be valid for a period of 1 year. After this, the family reunification visa in Cyprus can be renewed (as a residence permit) for a period that will not exceed the validity of sponsor’s residence permit.

Please mind that the family reunification visa in Cyprus can also be obtained if the family member is relocated here as an intra-company transfer. We invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Cyprus to find out the procedures concerning this family immigration pathway.

For instance, if you are married to a Cypriot national, you can apply for a visa that grants you the right of living in this country and which can also open the right to citizenship in Cyprus following a more direct route compared to other scenarios.

A person married to Cypriot national can become a citizen after only 2 years of residency and 3 years of marriage with the Cypriot citizen.

The rule of 2 years is applicable to foreigners who live here and who are the holders of a residence permit in Cyprus. Foreigners can also apply for citizenship if they live abroad, as long as they are married to the Cypriot national.

The application must present the reasons for which the person wants the citizenship, but can’t relocate to Cyprus (for those married for 3 years).