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Immigration Services in Limassol

Immigration Services in Limassol

Limassol is one of the most important cities in Cyprus, and it is both a business and traveling destination. Persons interested in immigration to Limassol can enjoy living in a city full of history and culture, which is ranked as one of the greatest travel destinations in the region. Below, we invite you to read about the benefits of moving here.

You can request legal advice on the steps related to immigration to Limassol from our Cyprus immigration lawyers, who can represent you in legal matters such as: obtaining Cypriot citizenship, obtaining a residence permit for short-term stays, obtaining a visa, obtaining a work permit and others. Foreigners can also seek legal representation when applying for asylum in this country. Our immigration lawyer in Limassol is at your disposal.

If you want to relocate to Limassol, you can easily address to our lawyers for advice on the process that can grant citizenship in Cyprus. It is a lengthy procedure and applicant must comply with numerous requirements.

All applicants have to become permanent residents, show long-term commitment to Cyprus and meet other conditions imposed for citizenship through naturalization.

There are 3 primary ways to attain citizenship in Cyprus. The 1st, which is the most common way, is to apply for citizenship by naturalization, which is a type of citizenship based on the years of residency of a person.

The 2nd refers to citizenship by marriage with a Cypriot national, which provides certain benefits regarding the speeding of the citizenship process.

The 3rd way to obtain it is by providing evidence on your Cypriot roots (being a close relative – a child, for instance, of a person who was/is a Cypriot national).

For the latter, the person does not have to provide evidence on having a residence permit in Cyprus, but other documents will be necessary, and they refer to identity documents that attest the family tie.

Persons relocating to Limassol will generally have to apply for a visa when arriving here (unless exempt). Depending on the visa type and more exactly, depending on its validity, the applicant should also initiate the steps for obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus.

The permit is necessary when a foreigner will arrive in this country for a period with a duration longer than 90 days.

What are the basic services for immigration to Limassol?

Our Cyprus immigration lawyers can help foreigners in applying for a visa issued for short-term stays or long-term stays. Visas in Cyprus are issued for traveling, business, study purposes, family reunification programs and numerous other reasons that are prescribed by the Cyprus immigration law.

Foreigners can request in-depth advice on the legislation regulating immigration matters in Cyprus and the rights and the obligations foreigners have when arriving here, based on the purpose and the duration of stay, and the nationality requirements (citizens of the European Union (EU) have to comply with only a few legal requirements compared to non-EU citizens).

Our attorneys can present the legislation referring to the issuance of Cypriot citizenship, which can be obtained through naturalization (a process which refers to the fact that the person moving to Cyprus has been living here for a given period of time and has Cyprus permanent residence here), through investment or by marriage to a local citizen. Foreigners can address our Cyprus immigration lawyers for immigration to Limassol if they want to obtain a visa for study purposes or apply for a work permit.

Persons who need urgent legal assistance can apply for asylum in this country. This can be done when the foreigners arrive at the Cypriot borders and they can address to the Cypriot border authorities or the Cypriot police authorities; the legal procedure follows the same steps regardless if the refugees are interested in immigration to Limassol or to other Cypriot cities. The Cyprus immigration law regarding this issue follows the procedures of the United Nations Refugee Agency. Our immigration lawyer in Limassol can give you more details about this law.

What services are available for immigration to Limassol for investors?

Immigration to Limassol also refers to the movement of businessmen for investment purposes in this country. The local law provides an investment program through which foreign investors can obtain a set of benefits, including Cypriot citizenship. The Cyprus Investment Program launched by the Cypriot authorities was created to increase the level of foreign direct investments in this country and, through it, investors have several investment options.

Investors can obtain Cyprus permanent residency and our immigration lawyer in Limassol can provide complete details on the application process.

Moreover, investors can obtain Cypriot citizenship in a period of six months, provided that they have invested a large sum of money as per one of the options prescribed by the local authorities.

They may gain this by donating EUR 75,000 to the Research and Innovation Foundation and to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation, they may invest at least EUR 2 million in real estate and infrastructure projects, they may purchase shares in local companies or start new companies. Immigration to Limassol through investment purposes can also be achieved through other options, which can be detailed by our Cyprus immigration lawyers.

 The cost of living in Limassol

Persons taking the steps to immigration to Limassol must be aware of the costs of living in this city. Besides the basic costs related to the issuance of the Cyprus permanent residence permit or of a visa and of other immigration documents that might be required, when moving to Cyprus in the city of Limassol, one should also know that the cost of living will imply the following:

• the costs of renting an apartment with a surface of 85 square meters can vary between EUR 844 to EUR 1,152;
• the rent of a smaller flat (45 square meters) varies between EUR 523 to EUR 692;
• the utilities costs for 1 month (calculated for 2 persons) are of approximately EUR 170;
• the costs for internet access for 1 month are of EUR 28;
• the ticket for public transportation for 1 month costs EUR 42.

If you are interested in starting the steps for immigration to Limassol, please contact our Cyprus immigration lawyers for professional assistance on any legal matter. Our immigration lawyer in Limassol can help you ease the process of moving to Cyprus and can help you in understanding all the procedures that have to be completed upon your arrival.