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Immigration Services in Nicosia

Immigration Services in Nicosia

Immigration to Nicosia has numerous benefits. This is one of the most developed and attractive cities in Cyprus and foreigners can benefit from a set of advantages. Persons who want to move here on a permanent basis will have access to a wide network of schools and universities, healthcare centers and very well-managed hospitals and numerous business centers. Besides these, persons moving to Cyprus can also enjoy a low tax regime.

As the financial and administrative center of the country, Nicosia provides an attractive climate for foreigners. It already has a large expat community working in multinational companies. Those interested in applying for immigration to Nicosia will find here a multilingual society.

What services are available for immigration to Nicosia?

Our Cyprus immigration lawyers can assist foreigners who want to relocate to Nicosia; our team is prepared to provide information on the legislation regulating the immigration procedures applicable to foreigners based on their nationality; you can also rely on our team for professional advice on the documents one should prepare when moving to Cyprus and the procedures each institution will impose.

As a foreigner, you can receive legal advice and/or legal representation on a wide range of aspects such as applying for a visa for stays with a duration of less than 90 days or of more than 90 days, applying for a residence permit (the temporary residence permit is the first type of residence permit a foreigner is entitled to and, later on, the foreigner can apply for a Cyprus permanent residence permit as well) or applying for a work permit (there are several categories of documents).

Immigration to Nicosia as a foreigner is also allowed as an asylum seeker, a status which grants the right to live here for a limited period of time or on a permanent basis. Moreover, asylum seekers can also benefit from the right of working here.

Foreigners can also receive from our Cyprus immigration lawyers information on how to obtain Cypriot citizenship, which can also be obtained when concluding a relevant investment in this country. The documents that are required when applying for citizenship can be found at the Civil Registry and Migration Department, but one can address to our lawyer as well for this information or for advice on how to obtain the Cyprus permanent residence.

Persons applying for citizenship in Cyprus must prepare personal documents and in the case of documents that were issued in the home country of the applicant, an official translation into Greek will be necessary.

An apostille will also be required if the country of origin of the applicant is a signatory state of the Hague Convention of 1961, or a certification of the document.

Of course, an applicant must show evidence of a valid residence permit in Cyprus and that he or she has been living in this country for a period of minimum 7 years (where citizenship by naturalization applies).

The birth certificate of the applicant will be required as well, along with the valid passport and other supporting documents (including a clean criminal record).

For persons who qualify for Cypriot citizenship by marriage, other rules will apply. This procedure is shorter than the naturalization process. For this, the applicant must be married with the Cypriot national for 3 years.

This right is granted to spouses who live in this country as well as to those who are living in another country, such as their country of residence.

For the latter category, additional explanations as to why they don’t live in Cyprus must be provided. For those who live here, the procedure can be initiated after 3 years of marriage and after having a residency permit in Cyprus for 2 years.

The applicant must present identity documents along with the marriage certificate, these being the basic papers required for the procedure.

Our immigration experts are able to answer any questions and assist those who are able and interested in applying for Cypriot citizenship by investment.

Who needs a work permit for immigration to Nicosia?

Most of the foreigners moving to Cyprus relocate here for employment purposes. In this case, they may need to apply for one of the work permits that are prescribed by the national law. However, it must be noted that citizens of the European Union (EU) do not need to apply for a work permit here, as they have free access to the employment market.

The same regulation applies to the citizens of Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein. This right is granted as Cyprus is a EU member state and applies the EU regulations; a foreigner taking the steps to immigration to Nicosia can apply for a work permit for top management positions, middle management functions or as supporting staff.

In order to receive the work permit, the foreigner will need the approval of the Civil Registry and Migration Department, as well as the approval of the Cyprus Department of Labor, after submitting the required set of papers. Those applying for this document must know that, since the moment when the application is made, the permit can be issued in a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the quality of life level in Nicosia?

Persons interested in immigration in Nicosia should know that the city is not amongst the top touristic destinations available here. Overall, the city has a developed level with regards to the quality of life and this is why it has attracted numerous expats. Cyprus also benefits from one of the most attractive taxation systems available for natural persons. With regards to immigration in Nicosia, one should be aware of the following:

• from a tax point of view, the city occupies the 19th place (among 266 destinations) as having a competitive taxation system;
• with regard to competitive housing, Nicosia is the 51st destination (from 265 cities);
• those moving to Cyprus should know that Nicosia is a safe city (75th rank);
• on leisure and culture, the city occupies the 76th rank;
• it also has a high level of tolerance (97th rank, in a study containing 266 destinations).

You are invited to contact our Cyprus immigration lawyers if you are interested in immigration to Nicosia. Our lawyers can represent you in any legal matter and can help you understand the legal process of relocating here. You can also address our lawyers for advice on how to purchase a property here as a foreigner or how to bring your close family members to live in Nicosia (depending on the nationality, they may need to apply for specific visas). Persons living in Nicosia can also address to us for advice on the formalities of obtaining the Cypriot citizenship.