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Immigration Services in Paphos

Immigration Services in Paphos

Whether you simply want to visit Cyprus and you are not sure on the documents you may need upon your arrival, or whether you want to permanently relocate here, our team of lawyers can provide you with legal assistance and representation in the immigration process. Please read the following article if need immigration services.

You can address to our Cyprus immigration lawyers if you want to obtain a visa or if you are interested in obtaining Cypriot citizenship by one of the legal means that are prescribed under the national law. The same legal services can be provided if you are interested in matters related to immigration in Paphos, as our lawyers can represent you in this city as well.

If you will be moving to Cyprus in the beautiful city of Paphos, our lawyers can represent you. Our legal services that can be offered for immigration in Paphos are divided into three main categories – visas and various types of permits that you can obtain as a foreigner, obtaining documents for permanent residency, which provides similar rights with those of local citizens, and obtaining Cypriot citizenship.

If you need a visa for Cyprus immigration, you should know that you can request one for one of the following reasons: visiting purposes, business purposes, reuniting with family members, making an investment in the local economy or under humanitarian grounds. The procedure for the issuance of the visa will vary, of course, based on the legal pathway that you will arrive here.

Although the process for Cyprus immigration is similar for all visa types, the documents and the requirements foreigners should comply with can vary. Another important aspect that can influence the visa application process can refer to the nationality of the foreigner. Persons who arrive from the European Union (EU) space will not need to complete any complex immigration requirements if they are interested in immigration in Paphos or in another Cypriot city, but those who arrive from non-EU states will need to obtain immigration documents.

For those relocating to Cyprus on a permanent basis, specific conditions have to be fulfilled. For instance, living here for a specific amount of time is one of the main requirements for obtaining Cyprus permanent residence.

One can also relocate here on a permanent basis through investments or by purchasing a property; our Cyprus immigration lawyers can provide more information on the legal pathways through which you can become a permanent resident.

Depending on the purpose of relocation to Paphos, there are many types of residence permits a foreigner can apply for. Persons interested in obtaining a Cypriot residence permit issued on a permanent basis can apply for the Category F permit.

Please mind that this permit does not allow the foreigner to develop a work activity here, so it is more suitable for foreign retirees.

With regards to Cypriot nationality, our team of lawyers can also provide legal representation; our services will differ based on your specific legal situation, as one can become a Cypriot citizen provided that one of the following is applicable: the person has lived here as a permanent resident (the citizenship process applicable here is the naturalization), the foreigner is marrying or is married to a Cypriot national, or the foreigner can prove that he or she is related by blood to Cypriot nationals (through parents or grandparents).

Foreigners who qualify for Cypriot citizenship by naturalization must meet basic residency requirements. Thus, they must have an overall residency in Cyprus of 7 years (or 2,555 days).

This must be proven by various documents, including by presenting the visa stamps and the departures and arrivals to/from Cyprus. The person must have the status of a permanent resident when applying.

What is the data on immigration in Paphos?

Immigration in Paphos is a common event, as the city has a large share of foreigners living here. Foreigners that live in this city can stay here as residents or as permanent residents, and a part of them have gained the right to citizenship as well. Below, our Cyprus immigration lawyers have prepared a short presentation based on the data of the Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus:

  • in 2001, the Paphos population accounted for 66,364 persons;
  • in the 2011 census, the population expanded to 88,266 persons, accounting for an increase of 33% in the 10 year period;
  • in 2011, from the 88,266 persons living in Paphos, 57,474 accounted for Cypriot citizens;
  • the rest, of 30,792 persons, represented the numbers on immigration in Paphos;
  • in 2011, the Cypriot citizenship in Paphos had a share of 65,1%, while foreigners accounted for 34,9%.
  • it is worth knowing that at that time, immigration in Paphos accounted for the largest share at a national level, as the 2nd most important foreigner share was observed in Lemesos (20,6%);
  • the number of foreigners living in Paphos was also above the national average, of 21,4%.

If you want to relocate to Cyprus, we invite you to request more information on the procedure from our immigration lawyers. Our team can help you ease the process on immigration in Paphos and if you are interested in relocating elsewhere in the country, you can address to our lawyer for advice. Our Cyprus immigration lawyers can also provide legal representation if you want to relocate here for business purposes or to reunite with family members living in this country.