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Immigration Services in Paralimni

Immigration Services in Paralimni

Foreigners interested in receiving services related to immigration to Paralimni can address lawyers specialized in the immigration legislation and procedures imposed by the Cypriot law. Paralimni is a city located in the District of Famagusta, with a population of approximately 15,000 persons. Below, you can find out more details on this city.

Our Cyprus immigration lawyers can help you obtain the necessary documents that are usually required for immigration to Paralimni, based on your nationality and the purpose of stay (the duration of the stay is also of high relevance, as longer stays will need additional papers).

How can we assist you in immigration to Paralimni?

Our Cyprus immigration lawyers can provide a wide set of legal services related to immigration to Paralimni, which can vary based on the reason for which you are interested in living in this Cypriot region. Persons who are citizens of countries outside the European Union (EU) will have to apply for work permits, visas, and other types of immigration documents, but if they are interested in the Cypriot citizenship, the process will be the same, regardless of nationality.

There are several ways through which Cypriot citizenship can be awarded to a foreign national. In most cases, it can be achieved through citizenship by naturalization, a process that involves becoming a permanent resident first.

One also can acquire the citizenship through marriage with a Cypriot national – the couple must be in a legal marriage, recognized in Cyprus.

If the foreigner will qualify for the first mentioned type of citizenship, through naturalization, then he or she should hold a Cypriot residence permit that was issued on a permanent basis.

Only persons who have become permanent residents are entitled to apply for citizenship and in this case, the residency threshold is of minimum 7 years of stay in this country.

Please know that you will apply for Cypriot citizenship by marriage, you will be required to pay a processing fee. The fee for the processing of the citizenship is imposed to all types of ways through which foreigners can acquire citizenship.

The fee is currently charged at a fixed rate of EUR 300. To this, you must also calculate a small fee of EUR 8,54 for 2 stamps and other fees for the issuance of various papers.

Depending on your situation, you will not have to present a valid residence permit in Cyprus. The procedure for citizenship varies in accordance with the type of citizenship you apply for.

For instance, for citizenship by descent, applicants must pay different government fees of EUR 20 to EUR 80, depending on their age and circumstances (such as the type of form used for the application).

It must be noted that students learning in Cyprus, who are citizens of third countries, benefit from the right of working in this country. In this case, they can only enter part-time employment contracts and only in specific economic fields. However, a student will need to have a residence permit issued by the local authorities, as stipulated by the Department of Labor.

According to the law in Cyprus, one can apply for several types of residence permits. For example, non-EU citizens can apply for temporary residence permits, known as the Pink Slips. It must be observed that this type of permit does not provide the right to working here, so those interested in immigration to Paralimni for employment purposes will not be able to use this type of permit for this specific right.

You can request more details on how to apply for this type of permit from our Cyprus immigration lawyers, who can assist you with professional information on how to obtain a visa or a permit that grants the right of working here. Besides these, foreigners can address to our lawyers for the following as well:

• obtaining the asylum seeker status, applicable in the case of those who had to leave their home country due to various stringent matters that put their life or integrity at risk;
obtaining Cypriot citizenship, which can be obtained through investment, by naturalization or by marriage with a local citizen;
participating in the Cyprus Investment Program, which grants the right to foreign investors to the Cyprus permanent residence and citizenship;
• applying for family reunification programs – which are created for the nationals of third countries moving to Cyprus and who want to bring their close family members to live here;
• legal advice on the procedures for immigration to Paralimni and on the Cyprus immigration law.

Types of visas are available for immigration to Paralimni

The Cyprus immigration law provides three basic categories of visas: airport transit visas, short-term visas, which can be issued as single entry or as multiple entry visas or visas for long-term stays. In the case of those who are interested in the procedures for immigration to Paralimni the airport transit visa will not apply as this document is granted to a few nationalities for the purpose of having the right of staying in a Cypriot airport where the person happens to have a connecting flight.

Thus, only the short-stay or the long-stay visas can be used for immigration to Paralimni, but one has to verify if his or her nationality is included in the list that requires foreigners to have such documents (our Cyprus immigration lawyers can also provide updated information on this matter).

The residence permit is one of the basic documents that is requested by those interested in relocating to the country and obtaining residency in Cyprus. The document can be issued for a variety of reasons. The data on the issuance of the residence permits are kept by the Civil Registry and Migration Department and, at the level of July 2016, the following were recorded:

• by 31st July 2017, there were 7,423 valid residence permits issued for general employment;
• residence permits issued for employment in foreign companies accounted for 2,294 documents;
• residence permits issued for those moving to Cyprus for international protection reasons accounted for 7,036 documents;
• residence permits issued for family reunification programs accounted for 1,799 permits;
• there were also 4,023 permits issued to those moving to Cyprus for study purposes.

More details on other immigration services available in Paralimni and other major Cypriot cities can be provided by our lawyers. Please contact our Cyprus immigration lawyers for additional information on any aspects that are prescribed by the immigration law applicable here. You can address our lawyers for advice on the rights you will gain once moving here as a holder of a short-term residence permit or of a Cyprus permanent residence permit.