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Immigration to Cyprus from Canada

Immigration to Cyprus from Canada

Immigration to Cyprus from Canada can be achieved on a visa-free basis in the case of short-term arrivals (stays in Cyprus that do not exceed 90 days). Otherwise, Canadian passport holders are required to obtain a visa in accordance with the purpose of their arrival.

Our immigration lawyer in Cyprus can present the types of visas available for Canadians – these can be employment visas, family reunification visas, investment visas and others, stipulated by the country’s immigration law.

Does Cyprus have an intra-company transfer program?

Yes, one of the ways to migrate to Cyprus for employment purposes is to participate in the intra-company transfer. This is, of course, possible for the employees of companies which have set up subsidiaries or branches in foreign countries.

Therefore, immigration to Cyprus from Canada is possible under the intra-company transfer program if a Canadian company operates in Cyprus and needs to transfer certain employees to the Cypriot office for a limited period of time.

In the list below, our immigration lawyer in Cyprus has prepared a short presentation on the intra-company transfer available in this country, which is harmonized with the EU laws and regulations:

  • the program is addressed to third party nationals (Canadians included) who will relocate to Cyprus for a period of more than 90 days (and thus need a Cypriot residence permit);
  • the Aliens and Immigration Law (Cap. 105) stipulates that intra-company transferees can relocate here with their family members;
  • the program is addressed to 3 categories of employees, namely trainee employees, specialists and managers;
  • while trainee employees can migrate to Cyprus for a period of only 1 year, specialists and managers are allowed to stay here for a period of up to 3 years.

How can Canadian investors relocate to Cyprus?

Outside of employment, many foreigners are interested in investment opportunities in Cyprus. Foreigners can have the possibility of becoming permanent residents and they can also relocate here with their family members.

One of the main programs available for investors grants the right to make a variety of investments, as long as the minimum value of the investment is EUR 300,000. A foreigner can be considered an investor if he or she purchases a real estate property (for personal use, such as a house or an apartment) with a value of EUR 300,000.

Therefore, Canadians interested in immigration to Cyprus from Canada who dispose of this capital, can obtain the investor visa simply by purchasing residential real estate. The law on immigration to Cyprus stipulates that foreigners can purchase commercial real estate (such as offices, shops, etc.).

It is also possible to make an investment in a legal entity – the company can be a newly formed one or an existing company. Our immigration lawyer in Cyprus can present the conditions to be satisfied for each situation.

Family reunification in Cyprus

The legislation on immigration in Cyprus also allows family reunification. Therefore, Canadians can apply for immigration to Cyprus from Canada if they have a family member who already lives in Cyprus, if the latter has been living here for a period of 1 or 2 years, according to the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

The residency varies based on the type of permit the foreigner has been issued with. However, there are certain exemptions from this rule, such as it can happen in the case of the intra-company transfer, when the foreigner can directly relocate with his/her family members.

We invite you to address our team if you want to learn more about other ways in which you can relocate to Cyprus from Canada. You can also contact us if you are interested in other matters associated with immigration, such as citizenship in Cyprus.