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Move to Cyprus from Russia

Move to Cyprus from Russia

If you want to move to Cyprus from Russia you will be required to apply for a visa. All third party nationals, which includes Russian citizens as well, are required to comply with visa formalities for immigration to Cyprus, as per the applicable law.

The legislation provides for 2 main types of immigration formalities, established in accordance to the purpose of stay: 1) stays of maximum 90 days and 2) stays of minimum 90 days.

The main difference between the 2 is that for Russians, visa formalities must be completed in both situations, but for long-term stays (of minimum 90 days), a residence permit in Cyprus will be required. If this will be the case, our immigration lawyers in Cyprus can assist you.

What are the basic conditions for Russians arriving in Cyprus?

Russians can relocate to Cyprus without any type of restrictions, as long as they comply with the minimum legal requirements. For short-term stays, a visa is mandatory for Russian passport holders. The following conditions must be met for those who move to Cyprus from Russia:

  • have a passport that is valid with at least 3 months more than the date of departure from Cyprus;
  • for short-term stays, one can live here for maximum 90 days in a period of 180 days;
  • it is also necessary to pay a processing fee for the visa application, charged in Rubbles for the equivalent values established in EUR – the latest update for the fees was on 1st December 2022;
  • thus, for a short stay visa (Category C), a Russian will have to pay a fee of EUR 80;
  • if the person will move to Cyprus from Russia with a child, the fee charged for the child is of EUR 40 (for children with an age of 6-12 years old) and EUR 0 for children below 6 years old.

According to the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Moscow, Russian passport holders can’t enter any type of work arrangements in Cyprus while being in this country on a C visa.

More so, it is necessary to make the proof of already having the sufficient financial funds to sustain all the expenses throughout the duration of the visit, and to provide evidence on the accommodation arrangements, but also on the departure arrangements (the return flight ticket).

How can Russians reside in Cyprus?

For those who move to Cyprus for maximum 90 days, it can’t be said that they are residing in this country, but rather that they are visiting it or staying here for other short-term purposes. Residing here implies having a Cyprus permanent residence or temporary, depending on the case.

As a permanent resident, at some point, depending on the particularities of a foreigner’s case, citizenship in Cyprus can also be acquired (this right is available for all foreign nationals).

Persons who want to relocate here on a long-term basis can apply for a Pink Slip. The document grants the right to residency for a period of 1 year and upon expiration, the document can be renewed.

However, this document doesn’t grant the right to work in this country, therefore, the applicants must prepare a larger sum of money as a minimum financial requirement for the duration of the stay (the minimum is EUR 25,000).

Another option for Russians who already have the sufficient financial funds to relocate to Cyprus is the Category F visa, which provides many advantages, but not the right to work.

With this document, one can stay here on a permanent basis and purchase properties. According to the latest data of the Department of Land and Surveys, Russians are the largest group of foreign nationals who acquired properties in Cyprus in the beginning of 2023, followed by Britons and Israelis.

We invite you to find out more details on the visa options you can have if you want to move to Cyprus from Russia. Our immigration lawyer in Cyprus can present the visas that can be used for employment, family reunification or business.