Move to Cyprus from US

As a member state of the European Union (EU), Cyprus provides the right of free movement to EU citizens; however, the nationals of certain countries can also enjoy relaxed regulations. For instance, those who move to Cyprus from US for a short period of time can arrive in this country without applying for a visa, as long as their stay is of maximum 90 days.

If you want to move to Cyprus from US, you can rely on our experienced lawyers. Our team can assist with information on the process of obtaining the Cypriot citizenship.

What are the requirements for short-term stays in Cyprus?

American citizens who arrive in Cyprus for short-term stays benefit from very simple immigration procedures. The Cyprus immigration law stipulates that US citizens are exempt from visa requirements in this particular case, the passport being the only document foreigners should present. Our Cyprus immigration lawyers can present the reasons American citizens can use when arriving here on a visa exemption.

Although the visa requirement is not applicable to those who want to move to Cyprus from US for a short period of time, it is necessary to comply with certain rules. For example, the passport must have six months remaining validity when traveling here. If the purpose of the stay is for tourism-related activities, the foreigner does not have to apply for a tourist visa.

Although Cyprus is a member state of the EU, it is not included in the Schengen area and, if the American traveling to Cyprus will stop to other European countries that are in the Schengen zone, he or she must be aware of specific rules of law that will apply. It is necessary to provide evidence on the funds that will cover the costs of the stay, as well as a return ticket.

At the same time, persons who want to move to Cyprus from US may do so for business purposes without a visa, but only for stays that are of up to 90 days. Staying on the Cypriot territory for a longer period will imply for the American citizen to apply for a visa that will allow the right to a temporary residence permit. You can also find out from our lawyer the process of obtaining a Cyprus permanent residence permit, addressed to those permanently relocating here.

How can an American apply for a Cypriot residence permit?

Provided that the duration of the stay in Cyprus is of more than 90 days, any foreigner is required to apply for a residence permit. The Cyprus immigration law provides for several categories of residence permits. Basically, they are divided between temporary residence permits and Cyprus permanent residence permits, but there are more legal grounds for which they can be obtained (employment, studies, family reunification programs). Those who are the holders of permanent residence permits can also qualify for the issuance of the Cypriot citizenship.

As a general rule, persons moving to Cyprus will apply for a temporary residence permit, which is issued for a period of one year. The document can be renewed (the specific forms can be found on the Web Portal of the Republic of Cyprus, administered by the Government of Cyprus). However, American citizens can also request information on this document from our Cyprus immigration lawyers.

In order to obtain a temporary residence permit in Cyprus, the applicant has to submit a set of documents attesting the reasons for which the person arrived in this country, along with the standard application form. Our Cyprus immigration lawyers can offer more details on the following documents, necessary for the application:

• the proof of accommodation in Cyprus and the proof on the financial means of the applicant;
• a medical certificate showing that the applicant is negative for a set of diseases;
• a police clearance certificate, showing that the applicant moving to Cyprus was not convicted for various crimes in his or her country of residence;
• a copy of the applicant’s passport, showing specific information such as the issuance date and the expiry date;
• documents presenting the reasons for which the residence permit is required and which will increase the opportunity to move to Cyprus from US.

Those planning to move to Cyprus from US can request our assistance for preparing the necessary documents.

How many residence permits did Cyprus issue over time?

Americans who want to move to Cyprus from US or persons from other countries interested in obtaining a residence permit in this country must know that the data stored by the Civil Registry and Migration Department show that the basic reasons for which foreigners wanted a residence permit are the following:

• in 2016, the country had a total of 7,789 residence permits issued for employment purposes;
• 6,243 permits were issued to foreigners moving to Cyprus who had relatives here;
• 3,570 residence permits were issued for foreigners studying in Cyprus;
• the country had a total of 220 long term residence permits issued to foreigners;
• in January 2016, Cyprus accounted for 58,856 residence permits granted to foreigners.

Persons interested in receiving more details on the Cyprus immigration law can request additional information from our lawyers. We invite you to contact our immigration lawyers for advice on how to apply for a visa in this country or how to obtain a residence permit if you want to move to Cyprus from US.